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OpenVPN and Sweet32 - New version of bytemine manager

Posted by Daniel Rauer on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Because of the possible attack on OpenVPN connections named Sweet32 the bytemine manager received the needed adjustment and a new version 2.3.3 has been released on GitHub.

bytemine manager - graphical OpenVPN management

The bytemine manager is designed to replace your collection of openssl scripts that create CSRs and certificates for OpenVPN servers and users, revoke user certificates and create the config files for your users. As a Java-based application it runs almost anywhere and provides a wizard-like GUI for general configuration, importing existing users and certificates, handling certificates and assignments to OpenVPN servers, and also allows the transfer of certificates and authentication files to your servers. Hey, it even creates the OpenVPN config files for servers and users.

Sweet32 fix

3DES, Blowfish and other ciphers with 64 Bit block size, independent from the key size, are affected by Sweet32. In previous versions OpenVPN by default uses the BF-CBC (Blowfish) algorithm if not declared otherwise in server AND client configuration. As the bytemine manager is able to generate these configuration files we had to add the line

cipher AES-256-CBC

to declare the usage of a secure cipher, if the manager is used with an older version of OpenVPN.

New look

As bytemine changed its CI some time ago the new version 2.3.3 got new colors; of course the option to adapt the design to the CI of your company stays the same. We hope you like the "more modern" colors :)

bytemine manager screenshot