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bytemine appliance 6a16er

Posted by Daniel Rauer on Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Exactly one year ago we started distributing the bytemine appliance 6a16e a.k.a. Axiomtek NA-320FL. As it performs very well with its dual core Atom CPU, is rock-solid without moving parts and zero failures until today there was only one thing missing: The ability to mount it inside a rack.

Axiomtek was very aware of this and stuck the well-proven hardware inside a rackmountable case. Et voilà: The Axiomtek NA-320R was born.

bytemine appliance 6a16er a.k.a. Axiomtek NA-320R

The only difference to the NA-320FL are the two additional fans and the different power supply unit that is mounted internally now. We already sold the first dozens of these boxes, and have not heard about a single complaint regarding performance, durability or any type of failures.

For technical details and dmesg outputs, taken from OpenBSD 5.2 and pfSense 2.0, are available at our blog post about the NA-320FL: technical background of NA-320 series

And of course you can order these boxes at our online shop. If you have trouble ordering at our shop, need a quote before ordering or have any questions: Just give us a call at +49-441-30919769 or drop us a mail to sales@bytemine.net.