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Deployment of Z-Push 2

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Friday, July 13, 2012

Z-Push 2, the open source ActiveSync implementation, has been released during Zarafa Summercamp a few weeks ago. Z-Push 2 supports ActiveSync version 14 and finally brings features like server-side searching and html-emails to mobile devices. The list of changes is lengthy, but definitly worth reading.

Throughout the beta-phase, we've been using Z-Push 2 internally and helped to improve the final result. Since Z-Push is served from a webserver, we've simply setup a second virtual-host to host Z-Push 2, and thus enabled customers to choose for themselves wether to give the Z-Push 2 betas a try.

Since the release we've started to rollout Z-Push 2 to our customers. Switching to the new version is simple, already configured devices will automatically be completely resynced. From the server-side view of things, Z-Push 2 is much nicer than the previous 1.x versions. Not only because of a top-like view feature by z-push-top, finding and debugging issues has become much easier.

z-push-top: Z-Push top live statistics 13/07/2012 13:54:41 Open connections: 2 Users: 2 Z-Push: 2.0-1346 Push connections: 2 Devices: 2 PHP-MAPI: 7.0.7-34256 Action: Hosts: 2

PID   IP        USER    COMMAND    TIME     AGENT                  DEVID         Additional Information                    
28472 134.106.. abc@... Ping       01:26    Android/4.0.4-EAS..    androidc2     Sink 63/470s on Email/Contacts/Calendar
25067 82.113... xyz@... Ping       01:29    Apple-iPad3C3/902..    ApplDYTHL     Sink 60/947s on Email/Contacts/Calendar/Tasks/Contacts/Calend

z-push-admin: Synchronized devices of user: abc@example.com ----------------------------------------------------- DeviceId: androidc22772651 Device type: Android UserAgent: Android/4.0.4-EAS-1.3 Device Model: Nexus S Device OS: Android 4.0.4 ActiveSync version: 14.0 First sync: 2012-06-28 23:32 Last sync: 2012-07-13 14:03 Total folders: 32 Synchronized folders: 3 Synchronized data: Emails Contacts Calendars Status: OK WipeRequest on: not set WipeRequest by: not set Wiped on: not set Attention needed: No errors known

Through the configuration wbxml-debugging can now be enabled for specific users, making it easy to collect debugging output for the Z-Push developers.

With the Mobile Device Management plugin for the WebAccess users can even self-administrate their devices, either invoking a remote wipe or re-syncing their device.

Screenshot of MDM plugin

As of yesterday, Z-Push 2.0.1 is out, enabling Moxier Mail compatibility again.