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Version 2.2 of bytemine manager released

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Today we released the newest version of bytemine manager, an open-source OpenVPN management software.
To be honest, calling this a minor release does not account to the list of changes done to the bytemine manager codebase. However, we decided to stick to the release numbering, since for the next major release we have lots of other cool things planned. The 2.2 version brings many new features, config generation for client and server being one of them!

Screenshot of the bytemine manager

Java 7 support

Here come some of the more gory details. The more simple, yet useful, change is that the bytemine manager now runs with Java 7. Basically an older version of the XStream lib broke our neck, simply by moving to XStream 1.4.1, we are Java 7 compatible.

Improved handling of certificates and users

Throughout the last two years, we've gotten quite a bit of feedback from you guys on the (often not) daily handling of certificates and users. In smaller organizations the biggest problem is that there are hardly any changes done to the VPN users. Each time the admin of the VPN works with it, he has to recall, which steps have to be taken. In larger coorporations, users come and users go. Sometimes users go and come back. To compensate for these different types of usage patterns, we've made a few changes on what can be done to certificates and users.

  • Revoked certificates can be re-enabled and therefor be re-used with a new user.
  • Server certificates can be renewed, just like the client certificates.
  • A servers CN and OU fields can be manually set with the server configuration dialog. Until now the values from the root certificate were used.

More control over the server and your users

Version 2.2 introduces the possibility to assign static IP addresses to your VPN users. This can be used to do specific packet filtering on the server side depending on each user. OpenVPN concentrator configuration files are automatically created when a server is added within the bytemine manager. This should make things easier for getting a typical setup up and running.

All the small things...

A lot of work has been done on the documentation. The manual has been polished a lot to reflect all the recent changes. The ssh-based communication layer between the bytemine manager and the server has been improved a lot. Other small changes include user interface enhancements to the synchronisation summary and lots of other places.
A potential problem in the generation of the certificate revocation list (CRL) has been fixed.

We hope you will enjoy this new release. bytemine manager on GitHub.