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bytemine manager: New version 2.1.3

Posted by Daniel Rauer on Friday, June 17, 2011

Today we are releasing the version 2.1.3 of the bytemine manager software, which has been developed to simplify the administration of OpenVPN concentrators and users. This new version includes a bunch of new features, as well as some bugfixes.

Screenshot of the bytemine manager

A small overview of the changes:

  • OpenVPN client config files are created for each user and its connected servers. The configs are updated on every change of the user or the server, and are automatically written into the users directory within the configured export directory.
  • On each startup of the application the database gets snapshotted, so one can securely return to a former state.
  • The user is now prompted for extra caution, if the user wants to skip setting a password on pkcs#12 certificates and if passwords are enabled in configuration.
  • Some problems with the mass-export of certificates have been fixed.
  • There is a menue entry for clearing the certificate revocation list (CRL).
  • Some OpenVPN options can be configured individually for each server.
We are working hard on making the bytemine manager even more easy to use, and to help administrators managing their OpenVPN more efficiently. Feedback is, and has been, very welcome, and many of the features new in this version have been reported by users, customers and partners.

To get you a glimpse of the upcoming features: Currently there is a lot of work done on the documentation, a quick start guide will be provided to ease the first start for new users. Furthermore static IPs will be configurable for each user, getting pushed to the client on connecting the OpenVPN concentrator, as well as creating deployment-ready client bundles containing everything a user needs to get his VPN up and running. If you think that an important feature is missing: Please drop us a mail to info@bytemine.net.