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The cryptorage principle

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Apparently we did not blog about cryptorage, except for a few mentions in other articles.
While I will try to get Bernd to do a deep-technical blog post about the interiors, I want to take the chance to catch a good timing to push cryptorage into the focus, since cryptorage is one of the main things we are currently showing at our booth at CeBIT, it is time to give it a dedicated article on our blog.

cryptorage solves one of the more common communication problems in information technology:

Transfering a file or document from a sender to a recipient in a secure fashion, without having to exchange a key or similar in advance.

All that is needed is an e-mail address of the recipient, plus a second meaning of getting in touch with the recipient, as a manor of out-of-band communication. This could be another mail address (preferred on a different MX than the primary address), a sms-receiving capable phone or the possibility to transfer the encryption key manually to the recipient (for example: by calling the recipient and telling the key on the phone).

cryptorage schema

While sms can be eaves-dropped as well, my stance on this is, that if your e-mail and your cellphone communication is wiretapped, you should invest into rolling out GPG and cryptophone at your place.

Currently cryptorage is a web-based application, that allows transfering files and documents with only a webbrowser, the guys did a great job to get the application – which does make heavy use of JavaScript and recent web technology – running in most browsers. We’re planning on extending it to have an REST- as well as SOAP-API, to be able to offer access from outside the browser and to have interop with other products.

For now there is a hosted edition available, meaning you can sign up for using cryptorage on our servers, for further informations on the hosted edition, please see the cryptorage home. We’re in the last steps of preparation for a boxed edition, this is what you want to have cryptorage running on your own infrastructure. We will be publishing prices on this in the course of the CeBIT week, so stay tuned!