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bytemine - linux expertise in northern germany

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Monday, February 28, 2011

At various events in the past months, I’ve been asked how business with BSD solutions is going and people were surprised, when I told them that we’ve not only been doing BSD solutions, but that we’ve been doing Linux solutions for years as well.

Yes, we’re a Linux and Unix company, and while we love to implement infrastructure with OpenBSD or other parts of your solutions with Free- and OpenBSD, we do many Linux solutions. We’re very good at it and quiet proud to carry lots of knowledge in this area.

For the past couple of years, we’ve been doing lot’s of consultency in the groupware area, focused on Zarafa. The last big news we published here, was our hosted zarafa.

Right in time for CeBIT, we have another big news:

bytemine is now a Univention partner!

We’ve been looking at these guys from Bremen for years and the last Univention partner summit really convinced me that the UCS is a great solution. We will be happily give you advice on their solutions and guide you through the implementation.

Of course, we also offer our 24/7 support for their solutions. While I am at it, let me elaborate a bit further of what else we do with linux. For various customers we’ve built solutions around the leading open-source virtualizations environments Xen and KVM, tied together with the best there is on redundant, replicating filesystems: Using DRBD.

We built hosting environments, running customized solutions ranging from Magento eCommerce to otris CONTRACT as well as DOCUMENTS to e-mail environments build around dovecot, postfix or exim and of course integrated with Zarafa.

You want to know more about our Linux expertise? Come to CeBIT the next days and visit us in Hall 6, Booth A36. Or simply drop us a mail :)