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Zarafa mailbox hosting

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas is over and we hope you had a good start into 2011! With this blog post we will start our 'new things coming from bytemine'-series. Today we care about your collaboration! Finally we're able to offer Zarafa hosting not only as a dedicated instance, but also on a per-mailbox base! Regular followers know that we've been offering various services around Zarafa for a while and we've started hosting Zarafa within per-customer dedicated instances around a year ago. To make our hosted Zarafa even more appealing we've now started to offer it on a per-mailbox base. All the gory details can be found on our website for the hosting product, but the bottom line is: Per mailbox it starts at 5,90 EUR (plus VAT) per month, which is a price that is highly competitive to comparable hosting offers based on Microsoft Exchange. Starting with 10 mailboxes we've even got a nice rebate program. Even if you don't use Microsoft Outlook, Zarafa still is a great way of dealing with your mails, since the WebAccess is really nice to use. Want to give it a try before going for it? Ask us!