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bytemine hackathon 2010

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Monday, November 22, 2010

We’ve spent the last five days at the north sea for our yearly bytemine hackathon. This was the second time we held it in this fashion. Some followed us on twitter, we used the hashtag #spo2010, since the house we rented is in St. Peter Ording.

The motive behind the hackathon is to be able to spend time hacking on new features, new products, dicussing ideas, showing off cool things and spend quality time together. Of course, if you hang out in such a group time is not only used to hack on new things or improve code. Time is also used to discuss matters, wether they’re of technical or personal nature. We took the chance and also talked about the future of bytemine, in which areas we have to improve – again technical as well as non-technical. One big issue is still, that we fail to carry lots of the cool stuff we do, to the outside. Well, let’s see wether or not we will now manage better ;)

I must say, these were really productive days we’ve had. I would not have thought that eight people in one room can work so silently for hours. Judging from the commits and from what was shown during the hackathon, indeed productive it was.

David did some serious work on the rescue system of our bytemine openbsd appliance, it would be a waste, if this work would not be presented in a seperate blog post, so wait a few more days for the details. :)

While Holger dove into the depths of LDAP, Zarafa working on some serious infrastructural changes for ourselves, Bernd and Daniel took the time to work on cryptorage. Besides the infrastructure work, Holger helped me with the next update to the bytemine openbsd appliance software stack, which will be released sometime this week. Besides necessary fixes to OpenSSL, it will bring new features as well.

Documentation work as well as some packaging was done by Florian, who furthermore got an introduction into the bytemine manager codebase, in order to help out with further development in that area.

For myself, I took the chance to make sure we’re in good position to release version 1.6 of our boa stack this week, including sismart! (which was mainly written by Holger), tried to find performance bottlenecks in one of the virtualization environments, KVM based, we take care of and worked some more on our update and patch framework for the boa 2 software stack.

Simply said: we’ve had awesome days.