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bytemine on tour - meet us!

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The conference- and open-source events season for the autumn is about to begin. It starts with the Kieler OpenSource und Linux Tage this friday and saturday. I will be giving a talk on commercial settings with OpenBSD on friday. In Kiel we will show the latest and greatest development around the bytemine openbsd appliance. With Bernd and Daniel being there as well, the two main guys behind cryptorage are around as well, good time to ask them questions about the future roadmap!

The weekend after, Bernd and I are going to travel to EuroBSDCon 2010. We’re just attendees there, but if you’re around give us a ping! With Devopdays Europe 2010 the series of devops events in europe is being continued. Since this is one of our main fields, we aren’t going to miss those. The whole team will be attending that conference to pick up what others are doing in their daily devop teams and since the devopdays feature open discussion tracks, it is likely that we share how we do things at bytemine.

Another appearance of myself will be at the 9. IT-Sicherheitstag, where I will give a talk on “OpenSource security solutions”.

While the conference season really ends in December with the 27C3 congress (where at least Bernd and I will be), there is the Railscamp HH, which Daniel will attend.

Oh, and of course there is the bytemine hackathon 2010 at the North Sea in November. But that one is internal and invite-only, so that one you will only have the chance of tracking through twitter and our blog. ;)

See ’ya this fall?