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RPM and dpkg packages of bytemine manager

Posted by Daniel Rauer on Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Since the bytemine manager has evolved more and more it was time to make it easier and more convenient to get started with it: The installation process had to be done by extracting an archive, and startup had to be done by entering “java -jar start-manager.jar”. Not really nice and easy.

We took care of this issue and now provide installation packages for RPM and dpkg based Linux distributions.
Of course one can checkout the source from bytemine manager repo on github and build these packages on his/her own: Just call build-deb.sh on a dpkg-based system, and build-rpm.sh on a RPM based system.

And we even kept the Windows users in mind by delivering an executable file to start up the bytemine manager. This file can also be created from source on any system where launch4j is installed.