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bytemine manager got mentioned in "Linux-Magazin"

Posted by Daniel Rauer on Monday, September 27, 2010

In the current issue (10/2010) of the german Linux Magazin the bytemine manager got mentioned as part in a test of the OpenVPN Access Server. Within the article the OpenVPN AS gets compared to established products like Endian Firewall, Astaro Security Gateway, Ipcop and Webmin. The bytemine manager gets mentioned when features of the OpenVPN AS are compared to other software products: “… the control center of Java based management GUI by bytemine manages an OpenVPN cluster considerably more comfortable.”

Furthermore a large screenshot found its way inside the article.
We are quite proud to be mentioned along with these powerful and long-term established products, and would like to thank Jörg Fritsch and Markus Feilner (the authors) and the team from Linux Magazin for this article.

Of course it also shows, that we’ve still got lots of work to do to turn the bytemine manager into the ultimate OpenVPN administration tool, but: the first important steps are taken!