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Zarafa - Open Source Collaboration

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Monday, July 12, 2010

bytemine has been a Zarafa Partner since late 2008. Since
2009 we’re a certified partner and have
done quite a few Zarafa projects so far.

What is Zarafa?

Zarafa is an Open Source Collaboration, providing:

  • Integration with your existing Linux mailserver
  • Native mobile phone support
  • Outlook “Look & Feel” webaccess
  • Stable Outlook sharing (100% MAPI)

A lot more details about Zarafa can be found on their official website.

We’re not only offering various services such as
conceptual work, deployment and integration, maintenance as well as 24/7 standby for Zarafa, but also offer
Zarafa hosting on our Xen-Cluster located at our
rack in Frankfurt connected to Kleyrex Internet Exchange.

Among the customers we’ve successfully migrated to Zarafa are:

While Miniatur Wunderland as well as Banking Concepts AG are running
on their own infrastructure, taken care of by us, PSA Automation GmbH is
taking advantage of our hosted Zarafa.