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Farewell news.bytemine.net!

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Friday, July 09, 2010

As I tweeted this morning, news.bytemine.net is shutting down. This is kind of
the end of an era, I’ve been providing free usenet access for the last eleven years.
The first six years through the usenet node news.hazardous.org, the last five years
bytemine hosted the service on news.bytemine.net.

Admiddently news.bytemine.net was never a huge site. We had the Big8, most of the
german-language hierarchies plus a few selected others. However non-binary traffic
has decreased over the last years and – to be honest – the significance of usenet has
decreased much as well. Added to that, news.bytemine.net has been running in
auto-pilot mode for the last couple of years, so obviously my interest in usenet has
decreased as well. These were a few arguments in the debate on whether to shutdown
the service or not. The most significant issue was, that the machine that news.bytemine.net
ran on simply uses too much power for the small benefit it brings to a few users (who
can easily use one of the bigger sites for usenet), and because interest in usenet has
decreased more and more, I did not want to invest the time in moving the service to
a different maschine. Because news.bytemine.net ran on a Sun Ultra-10 workstation moving
the service to a machine with different endianess, would’ve meant lots of work if the
news spool was meant to be kept.

On a side note: Usenet is responsible for me getting into this whole Unix / Linux thing. Back
in ’97 I became interested in usenet and quickly noticed that if I wanted to run a usenet site,
I would have to do it on Unix, since I did not want to run such a service on a Windows machine.

[11:43] fkr(news):~ %> sudo shutdown -hp now
Shutdown NOW!
shutdown: [pid 2700]
[11:44] fkr(news):~ %>                                                                                
*** FINAL System shutdown message from fkr@news.bytemine.net ***             
System going down IMMEDIATELY                                                  
System shutdown time has arrived
Connection to news closed by remote host.
Connection to news closed.

Farewell news.bytemine.net.