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Signs of life from bytemine manager

Posted by Daniel Rauer on Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some time has passed since we published news of the bytemine manager, but we try hard to invest more time in this project. To prove this we recently added some features and improvements to the bytemine manager:

  • Update bouncycastle library from 1.4.4 to 1.4.5.
  • On SSH connections after 3 false login attempts the connection gets aborted.
  • Windows executable file is delivered for easier startup on Windows systems.
  • The panel widths in the server/user overview can be changed by the user. This setting is saved and restored on every startup of the application.
  • For new users and servers an individual expiration period can be specified.
  • Users are no longer imported from the passwd file on synchronisation. Only users existing in the manager connected to the server are exported into the passwd file. Use the global import function to import users from a passwd file.
  • Revoked users are better visible on first sight.
  • Client certificates are no longer copied to the concentrators.
  • New function to renew existing, non-revoked certificates.

Since we open sourced the bytemine manager a while ago you can checkout the latest stable version from github: bytemine manager on github.

Please feel free to report bugs and errors, ask for new features, or simply give us feedback on how you like that software.