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bytemine manager 1.3

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last week we released the new version of the bytemine manager. We've been working on the new manager release since our bytemine hackathon in the beginning of november. Main focus of the development was to greatly enhance usability. Furthermore we've added features and followed up on feature requests we got from our customers. One of the most visible changes is the new tab in which we display users and servers in a tree like structure. A toolbar has been added to the control center. Furthermore informations like the IP address of the client within the VPN. Already an extract from the changelog reads quite impressive: * Tree based configuration and assignment of users to servers (and vice versa) * Simplified configuration * Dialogs became more explicit * Behaviour of User and Server handling has been made more alike * A toolbar has been added to the control center * For each connected user, the IP within the VPN is now displayed. In case of bridged users the Virtual MAC is displayed * It is now possible to print tables and user data * One-click synchronization of all configured servers added * The manager does an automatic restart after changing the database. * Certificate Revocation List (CRL) can now be opened in a separate tab * The importer has turned into a real import wizard * Add the option to re-enable a revoked certificate. * Allow spaces in username in update validation. * Menu item for exporting all certificates into the EXPORT_PATH.