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bytemine is starting into 2010

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Thursday, January 14, 2010

An exciting and interesting year has started for us at bytemine. There are many items on our agenda for this year, especially regarding our product development. Not only there is a list of products we will be releasing over the year, but also we’re going new ways on how we develope these. Bernd Ahlers will hopefully elaborate in another blogpost on how we introduce behaviour driven as well as test driven development. (BDD and TDD).

As a new years present to our customers, we’ve released the 1.4 version of our bytemine openbsd appliance software, bringing once again lots of new features. There is a Changelog available. Among the features, is also support for the uthum(4) USB temperature sensors, we’ve backported the driver from OpenBSD-current.

bytemine openbsd appliance - version: 1.4.5 [1209]

hanah $ sysctl | grep uthum
hw.sensors.uthum1.temp0=28.36 degC (temp)
hw.sensors.uthum1.percent0=11.50% (humidity)

Right after releasing 1.4 we’ve had some other things to keep us busy. Since the year also started with moving into new rooms. In order to have more space we’ve moved into the new building of the technology center, where we have our office since 2005.

Here are a couple of pictures of two of the new rooms. The developers office, with one of our mascots already up (while the rest is still pretty rough :)

For the first time, we have a meeting room on our own. Well, it is not supposed to be a solemnly meeting room, but furthermore space where one can relax, read and code in a relaxed environment.

Pictures of the other office will follow, once everything is in place.

The conference schedule is about to start with the 4. Linux-Informationstag which will happen in Oldenburg on the 13th of February. Next item on the conference schedule is then our first appearance at the world’s largest IT fair, CeBIT 2010. For CeBIT we have some nice new product announcements up our sleeve, so you should definitly stop by our booth there (Hall 6). Right after CeBIT, there will be the Chemnitzer Linuxtage, where we will have a booth, just like last year.

Of course a new year has also started in regards to the services and hosted solutions we provide. We’ve started to provide the groupware Zarafa as a hosted solution. Each setup gets a Xen (and possibly KVM) instance with the zarafa version best suited for their needs. We’re also looking into adding more types of databases to our hosting environment, considering at least CouchDB.

This only being a subset of what is planned for 2010, you can see this will be an interesting year!