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next evolutionary step for the openvpn administration - bytemine manager 1.2

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Wednesday, November 18, 2009

During our bytemine hackathon at the north sea, I gave a talk on the history of the company, the way bytemine has developed over the years and our current development culture. During this presentation we came to the conclusion that we follow the 'evolution, not revolution' paradigm, just like OpenBSD does. This is also the paradigm of this bytemine manager release. Of course the bytemine manager had its fair-share of focus during the hackathon, after all it is, what we think the future in OpenVPN administration. But all the ideas we had and also the outcome of a user-interface-usability session, will not become alive over night. The bytemine manager 1.2 brings a lot of fixes and smaller features, that have been added in the last five weeks to the codebase of the manager. Among other things the following items can be found in the ChangeLog: * Many smaller UI fixes, the tables now grow upon resizing the main window, etc. * CN and usernames do not have to be the same, eg. decoupled. * Each controlcenter tab can now send custom commands to the OpenVPN server * Updated bouncycastle provider jar (3rd party crypto library) * External db can be passed on the commandline * Extract the username out of X509 subject when revoking a certificate and many more changes. Of course we've also worked on improving the documentation. The manual for the bytemine manager is now also available in english. Daniel is actively working on a much improved user-interface, so stay tuned for further updates to the bytemine manager. Enjoy!