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Why having a LC Display is useful (part 1?)

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Thursday, October 22, 2009

As we just did a short remote-hands job in one of our server rooms, with me being in a remote location having to tell a Daniel (the newest addition to the bytemine team) when to disconnect and reconnect an external drive, I once again noticed how nice it is to have LC display on the bytemine openbsd appliances there. A quick demonstration:

hanah # lcdalert 10 "hey daniel" ""
hanah # lcdalert 30 "please" "disconnect drive"
hanah # lcdalert 30 "DONE" "THANKS" 

Nice, heh. A short extract from the manpage of lcdalert(8) to explain what it does:


lcdalert duration line1 line2 [port]


The lcdalert utility submits two strings with alert priority 
to the server LCDd.  The line1 and line2 are the strings 
to be displayed by LCDd. Both strings are required.  
To omit one of the strings, quote an empty string.

I think, it is useful :)