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Review of Kieler Linux und Open Source Tage 2009

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Last Friday and Saturday we spent exhibiting at the Kieler Linux und Open Source Tage 2009. For the ones who remember, a year ago this was the first event, we attended with bytemine as an exhibitor. For years Bernd and I have been doing events and staffed a lot of OpenBSD booths, but in the context of this company last year's Kiel Event was the first. This made this year's edition even much more interesting for us, since we could see how much the booth-showcases improved (and changed) and how much better the booth looks overall now. It also showed very clearly our shift towards our new product line. Last year we presented the bytemine openbsd thinclient, a product that we pretty much shifted focus away from in favor of the bytemine openbsd appliance and the bytemine manager. Products that (in my personal opinion) fit way better into our portfolio and experience than a thinclient. Aside that, Kiel was once again lots of fun. Even though the overall amount of visitors for the event was much less than the year before. The organizers did a lot of publicity for the event, so it is not clear why so little visitors showed up. Maybe because saturday was a german national holiday? There were quite a few interesting talks, because I had to guard the bytemine booth, I was sadly not able to attend Bernd his talk about OpenBSD and the Web 2.x. The slides of his talk are available as a pdf. I've attended an overview of SSL-based VPN Solutions, which featured software like OpenVPN, CloudVPN, n2n and such. From my personal view, OpenVPN is the only one from the list that should be used in a professional environment, the rest is more meant as an aid to quickly share contents among a group of people and crypt it on the way. The talk was missing some informations regarding OpenVPN, among others a proper reference to the OpenVPN Association (of which bytemine and myself are members). Once again, we were located right next to Zarafa, which gave us the chance to have lots of chats with Andreas from Zarafa. Last but not least, we had the chance to meet one of our long-term webhosting customers from Kiel, always a nice experience to directly meet and exchange ideas and be able to answer questions quickly. Am looking forward to next year's Kiel event!