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bytemine manager revisited: version 1.1

Posted by Daniel Rauer on Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It is time to announce a new version of the bytemine manager. Version 1.1 has just been released and is ready to be downloaded for evaluation: Throughout the development towards 1.1 we added quite a few new features and, for good measure, fixed some small and even smaller bugs ;) . Highlights: an update mechanism which enables the manager to auto-update, a much simpler x509 configuration dialog, and the option to switch to an external database. This implies the option to store the database at an external location – in a crypted container, for example, or at a place you have included in your backup strategy. Furthermore, after downloading a new version you simply specify the location of your database on startup of the new application, and it is automatically updated and used as default at every startup. The interaction with the OpenVPN servers over ssh (via our Socket-Wrapper) has become much more robust as well. We rounded out the bytemine manager by improving handling and stability. You should definitely give it a try!