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Farewell Nacamar / Tiscali and TI-NET

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Sunday, August 02, 2009

While we posted a lot about our development activities and our products lately, this is a bit of a different blog post, as I personally review our final move to our new colocation and try to reveal to you some of the things, ususally not visible. Thursday night we moved the last machines from our old colocation at Nacamar (formery operated and owned by Tiscali), often refered to by us as colo "FFM", to our new colocation at New Colo (internally named colocation "FRA"). Both are located in Frankfurt and roughly 10 km apart (as the bird flies). We've been at the old colocation for more than five years; quite some time. The times at Nacamar / Tiscali had its ups and downs. When Nacamar took over the operations, qualitiy did go downhill. The colo itself was still nice (almost like a clinic so clean), but phone service and remote hands. doh. As Nacamar had their ups and downs with the colo, so were also my visit there, sometimes better, sometimes horrible. I recall visits, where I expected to spend a few hours there and ended up staying overnight, because a machine decided to trash various parts of the harddisk. Yes, these were the early days of bytemine, back when I was - on the unix side of things - mostly on my own. Things have changed since then by lot - for the good. The move thursday night involved three persons and has been prepared since april. So besides changing colocations and switching to a place that suits our requirements better, we've also switched from a rack that contained infrastructure that was in place before all the other byteminers joined to infrastructure that was built up jointly by the current bytemine team. A lot of things become a lot easier, if you have an experienced team around you and that become very visible throughout the last year. As I blogged earlier this year, we've setup our own AS and run now in our own PI-Space. Roughly a year ago, I began looking for a new colocation. Since this april we've been evaluating and testing NewColo, but directly booking from Antilo, and while we've had a few problems at first, it turned out that Antilo was very good at resolving these and assuring we get the quality we want and need. Before moving the new colocation into production mode, we've got another uplink through GHOSTnet, so that we have two independent peers. Aside from that we now have a presence at the Kleyer-Rebstöcker Internet-Exchange. The first servers we moved then to the new colocation were our Xen Servers, on which we do the rails- and webhosting (Bernd blogged about a while ago) as well as other things like running SpamAssassin instances for spamscanning. On Thursday we then moved the rest of the infrastructure, like e-mail services etc., to the new colo. The move itself went so smoothly that I can hardly blog anything interesting about it. The whole combined move (taking down, driving to new colo, building up) took roughly 2 1/2 hours and so far we did not spot any fallout. After finishing the first setup of the moved machines at NewColo I had a chat with Sebastian (Owner and Founder of NewColo) and it is quite clear that a place like NewColo and Antilo is so much more fitting to bytemine than Nacamar. Both are fairly small companies (at least compared to Nacamar and Tiscali), but that is exactly what we need, since we know that problems will be resolved right away and not escalated through different parts of a gigantic enterprise :)