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May I introduce? bytemine openbsd appliance!

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Thursday, May 07, 2009

It's been couple months since we announced the bytemine appliance and back when we announced the hardware, we said, it is the building block for a new product line. Here comes the next step! The bytemine openbsd appliance! It is built on OpenBSD 4.5 and includes a whole lot of additions, such as: * ba-update(8) - a software-updater to update your installation with security- and bugfix updates provided by bytemine * an extended bootloader to support the LCD * software to make use of the LCD from within the operating system ** lcdssd(8) to display status information ** lcdexec(8) to interact with the keypad and execute commands from the keypad ** mlcd(8), lcdinfo(8) and lcdalert(8) to display various data on the display * rescue.rd - a rescue system which can be booted via the keypad * printed manual and documentation of all extensions in man-pages Through the above mentioned "ba-update" command you can easily update the appliance to always have the latest updates we release. And for the german folks, here is a poster we did for the bytemine openbsd appliance release bbq last thursday: !/files/expert.png!