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amoocon 2009

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The last two days I spent at the amoocon 2009 in Rostock. Stefan Wintermeyer (Founder of Amooma GmbH and Author of the Asterisk Book) organized the conference and asked me to give an OpenBSD talk. It was a get-together of quite a few big names of the VoIP scene. The conference started with a keynote by Marc Spencer (Original Author of Asterisk and head of Digium, Inc.. Throughout the day the talks were very well done. The conference took place at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Rostock and Stefan and his team from Amooma did an excellent job organizing it. The quality and level of talks was good and the sourrounding made it fun to be a speaker. I was a bit surprised that this was the first conference sind 2005 were I actually did not know anyone (well, except for the person that got me there), but I guess there is not a whole lot of crossover inbetween the OS and VoIP scenes. I was quite happy to hear that John Todd, community manager at Digium, is a big OpenBSD user. He uses OpenBSD all around his house with asterisk trunk on it. nice. Lenz Grimmer from MySQL (I'll spare you the obvoious jokes about the "renaming" of his employer) gave two very interesting talks. One on MySQL HA and the other on Securing and backing up MySQL. Today I gave my talk on OpenBSD in VoIP environments (on german). Apparently they made videos of all the talks, so I will link to that at some point. The slides for my talk are available here.