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AS48991 live!

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yesterday we took our own AS live. We've moved in with NewColo in Frankfurt, being directly serviced by Antilo. Our AS is AS48991. We're currently evaluating the connectivity there, since we need a replacement for one of our racks that is currently co-located at Nacamar, the colo being formerly owned by Tiscali. Us moving to our own PI-space with our own AS is a rather big, yet exciting step for us, as we will be able to provide even better housing and hosting services as before. With our own AS, we can directly peer with others, having more control about our connectivity. If all works out, we will be moving our frankfurt based services within the next three months to the new colocation. Stay tuned, we will likely have more news regarding the connectivity of our AS soon.