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Rails and Rubies - powered by bytemine

Posted by Bernd Ahlers on Wednesday, January 28, 2009

h1. What's a serious mine without some rails and rubies? Since the beginning of 2009 "bytemine":btm is offering hosting services for "Ruby on Rails":ror and other "Ruby":ruby based web application frameworks. So if you're looking for a new home for your awesome "Ruby":ruby based web application, you just found one. Our portfolio includes (but is most certainly not limited to) shared hosting, VPS based hosting or hosting on bare metal. Of course we will satisfy special requirements and/or wishes from your side, no matter whether it are small configuration changes or large-scale code changes (for which you can book our ruby developers! ;) h2. Building blocks We are using the following powerful components to drive your applications. * Xen & CentOS * Ruby Enterprise Edition * Apache & Passenger h3. Xen & CentOS The shared hosting and VPS hosting options are powered by the "CentOS":centos operating system and the "Xen":xen hypervisor. This allows us to scale shared hosting virtual machines easily and deploy new VPS within minutes. h3. Ruby Enterprise Edition "Ruby Enterprise Edition":ree is a modified "Ruby":ruby interpreter which has been built to reduce the memory usage and improve the speed of "Ruby":ruby applications. It's a drop-in replacement for the regular "Ruby":ruby 1.8 runtime so you don't have to do any modifications on new or existing applications. "Ruby Enterprise Edition":ree is developed and released as an open source product by the smart guys at "Phusion":phusion. h3. Apache & Passenger The well known "Apache":httpd web server combined with another great open source product of "Phusion":phusion named "Phusion Passenger":passenger (aka. mod_rails/mod_rack) is on its way to become the de-facto standard of running and deploying "Ruby":ruby based web applications. Deploying a web application on "Passenger":passenger is just a matter of uploading the application files via FTP. No special configuration steps required. "Passenger":passenger is managing the needed "Ruby":ruby background processes tranparently by quitting and spawning them as needed. This blog is running on "Apache":httpd and "Phusion Passenger":passenger, of course. :) We can also offer you other deployment platforms - like the popular nginx & mongrel couple - if needed. h2. Support This infrastructure is driven by our skilled unix and "Ruby":ruby guys who will happily answer your questions and solve any problems that may arise. h2. Questions Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to use some of our services. [btm]http://www.bytemine.net/ [ruby]http://www.ruby-lang.org/ [ror]http://www.rubyonrails.org/ [centos]http://www.centos.org/ [xen]http://www.xen.org/ [ree]http://www.rubyenterpriseedition.com/ [phusion]http://www.phusion.nl/about.html [passenger]http://www.modrails.com/ [httpd]http://httpd.apache.org/