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New phone numbers for bytemine

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Thursday, December 11, 2008

After several months of testing, we've now put our VoIP phone system into production! The new official phone numbers are: Phone: +49-441-309197-0 Fax: +49-441-309197-99 Of course, each of us has a direct extension as well. The SIP-Connectivity comes from Antilo AG. The whole system runs on a Soekris 5501-70 with Asterisk handling the SIP parts. For our desk we have Snom 370 hardphones, the mobile users use ekiga as a softphone. All phones connected to the main asterisk-server run over our VPN. Incoming calls that can not be handled due to all people being busy are submitted via e-mail to our ticketing system. That way nothing gets lost. For the fax number we have an extension that hands over the call to IAXmodem which handles the incoming fax together with hylafax+. From there a PDF is submitted into our ticketing system, just like with our voicemail. Aside the fact that we can talk inbetween our different locations over crypted lines, we now have a very high reachability with minimum effort! Besides the help we got from Antilo in getting the initial SIP-connectivity running, the guys from Amooma gave us a quick hand, when I got stuck with handing over the incoming fax calls to hylafax. Of course it was a one-line change that got it working, but thanks to the professional support from Amooma it was quickly solved. Want to listen to some OpenBSD tunes? Dial: +49-441-30919798!