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irc.bytemine.net linked again!

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hooray! Since today irc.bytemine.net is linked to the Subcult IRC network again. Around couple weeks ago (read this story) the AS the main hub is on, was not announced anymore, thus rendering us unable to reach it. Since the AS that irc.swissix.ch is on, is still not being announced, us IRC operators have decided to build a new master hub, which is now irc.humppa.ch. Some trivia along the news: we're running the Hybrid ircd, and it is about time, I sit down and finish the OpenBSD port of it. One of the nice things with hybrid ircd is, that it is trivial to run the connects to the hub over SSL. As such, we offer also SSL-based connections to our server. But keep in mind, even using irc with ssl, still allows the admin of the irc-server to peek into memory and read your stuff! Happy ircing!