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Suddenly an AS is not announced anymore (or: how few people kill free services)

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, I come back from a business trip, look at my irc session and am suprised: irc.bytemine.net is not linked with irc.swissix.ch anymore. In the subcult irc network irc.swissix.ch is the primary hub. First I thought, that our connection at the site where irc.bytemine.net is hosted, had temporary routing problems and tried to convince our hybrid-ircd to relink with irc.swissix.ch. After receiving many, many timeouts I looked a bit further and noticed that I wasn't able to reach irc.swissix.ch from any german internet connection. Every packet that hit the first uplink router got dropped. Today it was confirmed on #swinog that the announcements for the AS irc.swissix.ch is on have been stopped due to a Denial-of-Service attack. Once again it has been proofed that very few people (running DoS) are able to get free services killed. However stopping the AS from being announced is the only real solution to the problem. :( It is not quite clear yet, when we will be able to relink irc.bytemine.net with the main hub.