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First day at Confidence 2008

Posted by Felix Kronlage on Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back in Krakow!

Like last year, I was invited to Confidence again. I’ve arrived on Thursday (after spending hours on the rollfield of Warsaw airport) and experienced the very warm welcome of the organizers. At the airport I’ve met with Alesio and we were immediately taken to a pub to “recover” from the flight stress. ;)

The first day of the conference was filled with talking to many of the people that you meet at these places, it’s always really nice meeting your friends all over the place. Being at Confidence as a speaker is incredible, since the organizers do whatever they can to make you happy.

Hey, I even got a plate of fruits (thanks Anna), when I did not want the bbq. :)

My talk was the last one, so I was keeping the people from getting to their beer. I talked about binpatchng, which is an enhanced variant of openbsd binpatch.

Stay tuned for more. Both on Confidence second day as well as binpatchng. ;)